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H.  20 Rabi' II 1439 No: 09/1439
M.  Sunday, 07 January 2018

 Press Release
After the Increase in Price:
The Regime, the Ruling Parties and the Union Dupe the People!

After the Finance Act came into force, prices unprecedentedly increased in Tunisia, and some honest experts estimated that these increases could affect a fifth of people's income. The government, which did not only abandon its responsibility to the hard workers, leaving them vulnerable to the exploitation of the monopoly of vegetables and foodstuffs "barons", and was not content by the disguised increases in the basic necessities, after it had deliberately pulled them from the market and then put them out packed with an increase of 50 per cent of their price, this government, from the first day of the year, embarked on strictly enforce the Financial Law of 2018 in a clear way to reduce the purchasing power of people to impoverish them and occupy them with their daily lives.

We have warned our people in Tunisia that it is the terms of the International “Looting” Fund and the European Union are the ones that will affect the country's economy and the people's capabilities. We said that parties, whether they participate in the government or the opposition, the Union of Labor and the Federation of Industry and Commerce, must pay the price of their stay in the government and of running the country by complying with the dictates of the Crusader west.

The problem is not the increase in prices per se, because it is a complete and integrated context of a colonial agenda that is implemented on Muslims through agents. The problem is that the ruling class will continue to pursue a policy of misleading and deception, marketed by a media choir that has lost all sense of belonging to this Ummah.

* So, does it make sense that some parliamentary parties call on people to demonstrate and oppose the high prices, while some of which chair the Finance Committee in the House of Representatives?! Was not the law passed before them in the House of Representatives?! Are they really serious about defending the interests of the people of Tunisia? Or is their opposition to absolve the blame, and an introduction to an election campaign?

* Who believes that the leaders of the Union, who came out protesting, denouncing and crying out for destruction through media outlets and claiming that the government agreed with them not to increase the prices of the consumer goods, to be not aware of the details of the increases and their known results of introducing the country into the vortex of successive increases which will include all sectors? Have these leaders not looked at the minutes of the meeting which excludes only the subsidized consumer goods from the increase? Have they not come across the news of ten full chapters that determine the general increases in performance on the added value, of electricity and gas bills, transportation, fuel, etc. So, why are they protesting today? Are they serious in their protest or are they anticipating the public's anger to contain it and then extinguish its flames?

O Muslims in Tunisia:

The Government and its parliamentarians do not feel your sufferings and are not concerned except in mathematical calculations based on the directives of the International Looting Fund and the European Union. So, instead of retrieving wealth and working to recover the plundered money, the government continues to squander the natural wealth to the colonial companies under the title of foreign investment. It continues to sell the major profitable public institutions after they had neglected and corrupted them to enable the foreigners and the corrupt people who are close to them under the title of privatization or strategic partner.

O the People in Tunisia, O Muslims:

As long as all of this exists, this state will remain without resources except from levies and debts, all of which from your sweat and already stretched pockets. This ruling group which distanced Islam will move you from crisis to crisis to a catastrophe, and from a due debt to a new debt to repay an accumulated old debt, into mortgaging the resources of the country. It is you alone who will bear the consequences of this futile policy; more poverty, unemployment, corruption and possibly repression.

Until the day comes when you take the hesitancy from your hearts and come back with awareness and insight to your great Islam and political system, which frees you from the political and economic subordination to the colonist and applies the law of Allah Who has saved from hunger and saved from fear. And remember the words of your Lord Almighty:

(الشَّيْطَانُ يَعِدُكُمُ الْفَقْرَ وَيَأْمُرُكُم بِالْفَحْشَاءِ وَاللَّهُ يَعِدُكُم مَّغْفِرَةً مِّنْهُ وَفَضْلًا وَاللَّهُ وَاسِعٌ عَلِيمٌ)

“Satan threatens you with poverty and orders you to immorality, while Allah promises you forgiveness from Him and bounty. And Allah is all-Encompassing and Knowing.” [Al-Baqara: 268]

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